Quit Smoking TODAY for good!

Be smoke free easily


Becoming smoke free is probably one the most important things you can do to improve your life, we all know the dangers associated with smoking and passive smoking not to mention the cost and how smokers are now seen as social outcasts

There are many reasons for you to take back control including cost, health plus many more but yet we still find it difficult to change the negative habit which leads to frustration.

The combination of hypnotherapy, N.L.P. and other state of the art psychological techniques will enable you to stop smoking and be free for good.

We work with you to find the reasons why you smoke, the triggers that make it feel difficult to cope without smoking. we help you eliminate "cravings" and the symptoms of withdrawal such as stress and mood swings. Prevention of substitution so you don't replace smoking with eating and we help you be relaxed and confident around other smokers.

This treatment is successful with both heavy and light smokers as well as other types of smokers such as cannabis or pipe smokers

This is a fantastic way to take back control. NO pills, NO patches, No will power. All you need is the desire to stop


Ready to stop? Simply get in touch and book a session. The investment from you isonly £225 and that includes up to 3 one to one sessions, plus a copy of "DREAMLAND BE FREE CD" valued at £25.

Think of the money you will save once you become smoke free.

Don't put it off any longer to book your consultation call NOW 01924 331824.

To Purchase a copy of "DREAMLAND BE FREE CD" for £25.




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