About Dreamland Hypnotherapy


Dreamland Hypnotherapy was developed by Hypnotist Grant Saunders to help you discover the "tools" you need in order to have the life you dream of, whether this is freedom from addictions such as smoking, or to help you discover a way to overcome fears and phobias that have been holding you back, or to help you reach your desired shape and size and stay there.

There are many road blocks on the road to a happy fullfilling lifestyle, and many of these we learnt at a unconcious level so trying to fix them concoiusly only ends in frustration

The use of Hypnotic techniques and N.L.P will enable you to over come your roadblocks, put down your emotional baggage and leave the past behind


Our Mission

Is to enable EVERYBODY to benefit from hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, N.L.P. and many other Life transforming technique THAT WORK.

We offer a professional confidential service to both the individual and corporate Clents, from one to one personal therapy to group life change seminars.



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