Dear Grant,

Just to say thank you very much for your help with my self confidence problems. Although I was initially sceptical, my situation has improved dramatically, I can now make decisions easily and find it easier to communicate with strangers
Thanks again
R. Petrycki (West Yorkshire)


To Mr. Grant Saunders 12 august 2009
Prior to the first meeting I was experiencing problems with confidence and motivation.  This showed itself in various ways but most evidently in the control of dietary habits, self belief and assertiveness.
Experiencing nervousness at the beginning of the session I was soon put at ease by the relaxed manner of Grant. I was comfortable throughout the whole process of hypnotherapy, gaining confidence in his ability as the session progressed.
Upon completion of the first session I felt relaxed and calm. Over the past few days I now feel more motivated and in control of my dietary intake and more than motivated to meet any further challenges.
I would now encourage others who are experiencing any personal issues to visit and be guided by his knowledge and experience
Thanking you from a now more confident person
Haley Haugen (South Yorkshire)

Flying High

hey grant,
Its been about 6 months since we last spoke and you helped me with my fear of flying. i really cant thank you enough for what ever it was you did but I did get on a plane again after 9 years of not doing!!!

Me and my fiancée had a great week away in Greece and we're now booked on round the world flights in June after we get married…..
….. just wanted to let you know the honeymoon went great and we are now enjoying Australia, also just got a job and 2 gigs to boot.
Thanks for your help again.
scott fletcher.  (Halifax)


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